Equipment Finance

These are loans for equipment that can be used in your business. The types of equipment we can finance is very varied. The most common equipment types we see are anything to do with construction, including digging machines, trucks and earthmoving equipment. We also see various office or factory equipment like printing machines, engraving machines, embroidery machines and equipment along those lines. We can also do office equipment like computers, printers and phone systems.

Using old equipment in your business can be costly in terms of downtime from breakdowns and repairs.  Using asset finance can be a great way to update your equipment and productivity with a low monthly cost.  Or maybe you need additional equipment or machinery to expand the services you offer your clients.

Whatever your equipment finance needs, please feel free to contact me to discuss your options.  I can assist you with a lease, hire purchase, chattel mortgage or rental.




Why use a Broker?

Choice of Lenders

By talking to me you can compare products from a number of different lenders.  It makes sense to consider different lenders rather than limit yourself to what your regular bank has to offer.


I can make a time to meet you during business hours or after hours at a time and place that is convenient to you.  I will be available to answer your questions throughout the whole process

Years of Experience

I have been in the industry for many years and will work directly with the lenders to process your loan.  I will save you time and take the stress out of the process.